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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Introduction

U.S. legal entities traditionally have been formed either as for-profit organizations or as nonprofit organizations.  For-profit organizations are designed to pursue profits and shareholder wealth, while most nonprofit organizations are designed strictly for charitable pursuits and public benefit.  Since 2008, however, twenty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted statutes authorizing hybrid legal entities—generally, special forms of corporations and limited liability companies[1] —that are designed to pursue both a for-profit business purpose and a beneficial humanitarian and/or environmental purpose.  These special hybrid legal entities have been authorized largely in response to the growth of for-profit “social enterprises:”[2]  organizations devoted to pursuing shareholder wealth  and serving a broader humanitarian and/or environmental need.[3]

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Social Enterprise Overview

The social enterprise materials contained in this section of the website are organized into three sections. 

The first section contains materials appropriate for a legal clinic or practicum on social enterprise.  Such a clinic or practicum could be conducted on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with an entrepreneurship-focused legal clinic.

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