Lewis & Clark Law School:

Small Business Legal ClinicWebsite ]
Community Development & Nonprofit Law PracticumWebsite ]

University of Oregon School of Law:

Small Business ClinicWebsite ]

Willamette University College of Law:

Business Law ClinicWebsite ]


Duquesne University School of Law:

Urban Development ClinicWebsite ]

Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law:

Art, Sports and Entertainment Law ClinicWebsite ]

Entrepreneur Assistance ClinicWebsite ]

International Sustainable Development Law Projects Clinic  [ Website ]

Rural Economic Development Clinic  Website ]

University of Pennsylvania School of Law:

Detkin Intellectual Property Law and Technology Clinic Website ]

Entrepreneurship Legal ClinicWebsite ]

University of Pittsburgh School of Law:

Innovation Practice Institute Website ]

Villanova University School of Law:

Entrepreneurship Law Clinic [ Website ]

Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University:

Entrepreneurial Law Clinic [ website ]

Rhode Island


South Carolina

University of South Carolina School of Law:

Nonprofit Organizations ClinicWebsite ]

South Dakota



University of Tennessee College of Law:

Business Law Clinic[ Website ]

Vanderbilt University School of Law:

Intellectual Property and the Arts ClinicWebsite ]


Southern Methodist University-Dedman School of Law:

Small Business ClinicWebsite ]
University of Houston Law Center:

Transactional ClinicWebsite ]

University of Texas at Austin School of Law:

Entrepreneurship and Community Development ClinicWebsite ]


University of Utah-S.J. Quinney College of Law:

The New Ventures ClinicWebsite ]




George Mason Law School :

Legal Clinic-Practical Preparation of GMU Patent Applications[ Website ]

University of Richmond School of Law:

Intellectual Property and Transactional Law ClinicWebsite ]

University of Virginia School of Law:

Nonprofit ClinicWebsite ]

Patent and Licensing ClinicsWebsite ]


Gonzaga University School of Law:

Business Law ClinicWebsite ]

Seattle University School of Law:

Arts Legal ClinicWebsite ]Community Development and Entrepreneurship ClinicWebsite ]

Not for Profit Organization ClinicWebsite ]

University of Washington School of Law:

Entrepreneurial Law ClinicWebsite ]

Technology Law & Public Policy ClinicWebsite ]

West Virginia

West Virginia University College of Law:

Entrepreneurship Law Clinic Website ]


University of Wisconsin Law School:

Law & Entrepreneurship ClinicWebsite ]

Marquette University Law School:

Marquette Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic[ Website ]



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