FAQ's For EshipLaw Resources

  • How can I find information about some of the principal areas of law commonly affecting entrepreneurial ventures? +

    The two principal publicly-accessible sections of this site (Resource Links and Law Scholarship) provide links and citations to a multitude of websites and written materials with entrepreneurship law and in many cases “how to” information.  Examples include:

    Under Resource Links:

    General Laws and Form Info, which among other thinks includes links to free resources on the websites of various law schools, bar associations and governmental agencies, addressing such topics as:

    • Starting business in various states
    • Business entity formation and tax laws
    • Identifying and protecting intellectual property
    • Securities laws compliance
    • Employment and labor laws
    • Advertising laws

    Under Law Scholarship:

    Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs and Small Business, with annotated citations to writings on such subjects as:

    • Business organizations laws
    • Employment laws issues
    • Tax issues
    • International law matters
    • Bankruptcy law
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  • Are there opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain free or low cost legal services in connection with their start-up ventures? +

    Yes! The American Bar Association, and various state and local bar associations and attorney networks have affordable legal services initiatives—see for example those listed/linked on this site at Affordable Legal Services.  In addition, many U.S. law schools operate legal services clinics designed to assist innovators and entrepreneurs—a state-by-state list of well over 100 such clinics is located on this site at Law School Entrepreneurship Clinics.

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  • Are there organizations, networks and events that promote and facilitate the understanding of entrepreneurship law and related assistance or policy debate? +

    Yes! For a list of several such organizations and networks see Help Centers for Entrepreneurs and Lawyer Referral Networks. For information about some upcoming events of note for those interested in entrepreneurship law, see Upcoming Events.

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  • Does this site have entrepreneurship law resources for law students and lawyers? +

    Yes! Virtually all of the information and links under Resource Links and Law Scholarship may be useful to law students and lawyers.  A few subsections of particular note are:

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