FAQ's for Educators

In addition to networking at conferences and other events, many of which are noted well in advance of the event date on the Upcoming Events subsection on the site, two key ways in which members of the EshipLaw educators group can communicate and share information with one another are by actively using: (i) the EshipLaw listserv and (ii) the articles/essays postings and comments function in the EshipLaw Dialogue section, both of which allow members to share experiences, wisdom and expertise. Other opportunities for collaborative interaction are listed on this site under Collaboration Platforms.

The information appearing on the EshipLaw Site located at www.eshiplaw.org, including articles and other posted materials, and other resources to which links or citations are provided on the EshipLaw Site is being offered solely for educational purposes, and does not in any way substitute for advice and representation by a licensed attorney. Use of the EshipLaw Site does not create an attorney-client relationship with either the editors, creators or reviewers of the educational content presented on the EshipLaw Site.